Tom Fagan: San Diego based fine artist.
Oil, Acrylic, Canvas, Live Painting.

Born in 1953 and raised in Connecticut, Tom attended the Silvermine School of Art at age 15 to begin his art education and hasn't stopped since. Two years at a state college and four years at the Paier School of Art gave him a solid foundation. He embarked on a career in the field of illustration as an Art Director for Grand American Fair, designing restaurants, hiring new artists, painting murals, and illustrating ads and brochures. In 1983, he attended Otis Art Institute for two years and then began specializing in solo illustration, including paintings and murals. In 1997, Tom studied with Charles Sovek which opened up the world of plein air painting and he has pursued it with a passion ever since. His paintings have swiftly found their way into private collections in many states, while his murals, popular with all ages, have decorated numerous restaurants, public buildings, and private homes both domestic and international.

"My Journey in life is to travel the world and reflect its wonders in my work"
-Tom Fagan

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